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We build all makes and models of flat-pack. Wardrobes, beds, drawers, tables, chairs, TV cabinets and many more.

Outdoors items also, including swing sets, trampolines, plastic or metal sheds and garden furniture.



If your item is damaged we can often repair it for you and give advice. We carry hardware to fit most products and will always try and rescue an item as we are aware of how expensive they can be to replace.
We often turn up to jobs which customers have attempted themselves following 5 hours of hair-pulling, even damaging the goods. It is always advisable to hire a professional.

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Moving house

We offer a dismantling and rebuilding service for people who are moving house and wish to take their large expensive items with them. We will arrive a few days before the move take the items down and then return to suit when you have moved house and the goods are situ.

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